Ethical Ai Climate Governance

Collaborating on Governance
for Ethical AI Solutions to the
Climate Emergency

June 26, 2023

Dear Member of Congress,

We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing in response to Congress expressing urgent need for robust national and international Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation communicated during the meeting between Congress and OpenAI, IBM, NYU and other AI experts on May 16th, 2023. This challenge can be successfully resolved through a new paradigm of large-scale developmental ethical curation of AI that is fully aligned with the focused application of AI, in concert with other scalable technologies, to resolve the Climate Emergency.

An internationally coordinated and collaborative effort, leading to global AI regulation, ideally guided and facilitated by the United States, is the urgent need of the hour. It is crucial to understand that this is not a task for any single nation or entity. Global collaborative regulation of AI by the international community is crucial at this moment. We must avoid micro interventions or stopgap measures that simply mask this rapidly expanding issue. A transparent, integrous, globally integrative approach is needed. Our current strategies are broadly inadequate, lacking the agility, reach, effect and baseline support infrastructure to directly engage with enough organizations and nations swiftly enough.

With vast respect and appreciation for our current systems of governance, the prevailing methods of establishing cabinet seats, policy subcommittees and the legal system as they currently operate on their own, are insufficient for our needs and too slow to engender the necessary transformation in our systems of governance. Simply put, from this point on, the speed and process of AI regulation must now operate faster than AI innovations and their potential effects. Truly effective AI governance must start and continually operate at the level of AI coding and data and in the teams and organizations that write it. Otherwise, the influences of unseen technological innovations can effectively neutralize the very systems of governance intended to regulate them. We need new verifiable trust models that are collaboratively arrived at. Corporations have often shown an inability to self-regulate and balance their competitive interests with the common good. In essence we need a comprehensive system of AI regulation for the lifecycles of all future AI’s.

To achieve this necessary collective goal, a groundbreaking and comprehensive approach that can integrously shape the future of global AI governance is required. World Systems Solutions is developing the PHOENIX Platform and hub, based on a peace-generating living systems paradigm. Its potential to address the ramifications of unethical AI, to present a transformative paradigm and vision, and to serve as a vehicle for achieving verifiably responsible AI regulation is unprecedented. This is achieved by combining the balanced, concurrent support and bipartisan leadership of the three branches of U.S. Government, along with a more comprehensive collaboration with the private sector. In this way, we can avoid an international AI arms race or toxic ungovernable competition driven AI. Collaboratively we can turn unregulated and rapidly proliferating AI into a global fire department for the climate crisis.

Who We Are:  
World Systems Solutions is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to fostering global collaboration and generating sustainable solutions for the many interrelated global crises, including those manifesting in climate change. WSS aims to empower individuals and organizations to work collectively towards a brighter, more sustainable future, with a focus on a collaboration-based process of social re-engineering and sustainability focused transformative technologies. Through initiatives like the PHOENIX Platform, WSS leverages scalable AI-supported collaboration to address challenges such as climate change, ethical AI governance, and societal equality. WSS operates with the vision of co-creating adaptable, scalable, integrated systems that promote conscious collective change and responsible stewardship of our planet. We strive to architect positive healthy transformations and societal evolutions for the benefit of all.

The Challenges of and Reasons for Adequately Regulating AI:   
As you know, AI is changing the world; whether we like it, want it to, or not. Those that make decisions on behalf of the American people have the opportunity and the responsibility to adequately regulate that revolution to create optimal outcomes for all. The stakes are high, and immediate decisive action is crucial to prevent the irreversible descent into a future where the unequaled influence of AI reigns unfettered, and human values and rights are crushed under the weight of profit-driven technological dominance. The ramifications of unethical AI are catastrophic. The current paradigm of unchecked AI can lead to widespread job displacement, economic upheaval, and social unrest, further exacerbating inequalities and creating a divided world. AI can enable mutually assured technological and climate destruction or be the opportunity that unites us all. It is our choice how and when we approach and curate its development.

The Vision:  
We establish a future where AI technologies are comprehensively, transparently and verifiably harnessed for the betterment of humanity and the natural world, while upholding ethical principles and safeguarding individual rights. We envision a world where AI is used as a tool for positive transformation, accelerated innovation, sustainable technology developments, renewal of resources and to fully harmonize humanity with the ecosystem.

The Vehicle:  
We propose collaboration on and adoption of the PHOENIX World Transformation Platform strategy. PHOENIX will serve as the centerpiece of this transformation model; offering an AI-supported, collaborative, technology infrastructure that facilitates economic, environmental and social solutions generation, globally. This platform empowers diverse stakeholders to collaboratively and comprehensively address the complexities of AI regulation while solving key elements of the climate crisis. By incorporating the PHOENIX World Transformation Platform as an integrative innovation hub into the larger landscape of AI regulation, we can rapidly lay the foundation for responsible AI development and deployment, mitigate potential harms, and maximize the positive impact of AI on all societies, while consistently applying AI in a verifiable way to solving the climate crisis.

How PHOENIX can serve as a vehicle for responsible AI governance:
Ethical Framework: PHOENIX prioritizes integrated ethical frameworks in AI regulation. The platform facilitates the incorporation of integrous considerations, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed in alignment with altruistic values, privacy rights, and the avoidance of harm. This framework guides responsible standardized and transparent decision-making throughout the lifecycles of artificial and augmented human intelligence integrations.

Transparency and Accountability:

The PHOENIX platform ensures comprehensive transparency and accountability in AI regulation. It will provide a centralized commons’ hub to monitor, evaluate, and learn from AI projects and solutions, enabling continuous improvement based on valid and non-biased real-world data and insights. This iterative approach helps us refine AI regulations to address emerging challenges effectively and faster than existing systems of governance.

Collaboration and Expertise Sharing:

PHOENIX fosters global collaboration, enabling stakeholders from governments, regulatory agencies, academia, and the private sector to come together. This approach will generate a globally scalable ecosystem renewal architecture and capacity, inclusive of international stakeholders. Paired with existing approaches and frameworks, PHOENIX generates a transparently developed, comprehensive, and fully green collaboration hub that accelerates and optimizes healthy innovation. By sharing expertise, resources, and perspectives, we can develop comprehensive and informed AI regulations and a complete, trustworthy and ethical governance system.

Global Accessibility:

PHOENIX aims to be accessible to all nations and peoples, promoting equitable participation in the regulation of AI. By fostering global collaboration and harmonized approaches, we can address AI governance challenges collectively. This will promote gender, racial, cultural, religious and international equality, inclusiveness and equity leading to collective empowerment and realized capacity to solve interrelated global crises.

AI Alignment and Mapping of Technology:

The PHOENIX architecture supports sustainability and a fully circular global economy while stabilizing worldwide dynamics through collaboration via safe, ethical, trustworthy, and intelligently governed AI.

The question isn't if change will happen, but who will lead this inevitable transformation and from what values, goals and intentions and to what result. If we hesitate, leadership efforts and associated narratives may be seized by another country or organization with no foundational intention to collaborate, thereby altering the global dynamic and potentially jeopardizing the United States' influential role in shaping a sustainable world future.

With the United States leading this collaborative AI initiative from a global commons approach, we have the chance to be pioneers, setting the stage for responsible AI governance and establishing clear international standards and foundational international law. This is our call to action; a call for leadership to ensure all technology of the future is integrously and sustainably built on the values and principles of our great nation. This commons’ platform development will function as the grounding anchor point for the global community to rally around, and the focal point from which the world can together generate the sustained traction necessary to solve interrelated global crises. Optimally, we must choose to embrace this challenge and act decisively. World System Solutions is here to help and collaborate with you.

WSS is currently engaging key stakeholders and agencies, and kindly requests the opportunity to meet with you.

Our Executive Team is looking forward to a mutually beneficial conversation. This collaborative effort can successfully shape the future of healthy AI governance, promoting ethical practices and safeguarding the interests of humanity. We are currently organizing an in-person meeting with high-ranking government and military officials and key global stakeholders in the private sector.

Thank you for your kind attention to this very important and urgent matter.

John Jones, CEO
World Systems Solutions
(844) 977-6691

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