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Ragan Thomson

Chairperson of the Board
Ragan serves as a Spiritual Healer, Guide, a consciousness facilitator and conscious Entrepreneur. Ragan has been healing and serving for over 20 years working with hundreds of clients both in the U.S. and internationally. In 2009, Ragan started her first conscious corporation along with four other shareholders called “In the Loving,” where as CEO she created conscious media products for the world with the tag line, “Helping People to Remember Who They Really Are”. In 2013, she founded Joyticity where she successfully empowered and offered facilitation to people as a Transformational Life Coach to open the door to their true inner joy through deep inner work. She opened her first physical location Healing Hub Santa Barbara in 2017 where she hosted her own work as well as other healing events including women’s empowerment groups. In 2019, she founded her next business called Ragan Thomson and is currently still actively serving through offering intuitive audios, healing sessions, prayer, meditation and retreats. Ragan’s life and work is one of the deep service and inner purification.

John Jones

Founder and primary architect of the WSS organization and initiative, content creator and spiritual compass. For 20 years John has served as an organizational consultant, taught courses on personal transformation, functioned as a life coach and is the author of two books covering topics related to global transformation, spiritual development and emotional healing. John also worked for 14 years as an information systems programmer, database designer, network administrator, business analyst, project manager and researcher of organizational change.
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Taunya van der Steen-Mizel

Taunya (she/her) found her whispered dream to the universe answered with the soul-centered, loving, bravely vulnerable, co-creative World Systems Solutions teams working in conscious collaboration every day toward the greater conscious interconnection of humanity with this one Earth. Abundance has provided for sharing a home in Santa Monica with her husband, being a parent with two teenage daughters and regular travel to the breathtaking beauty of Telluride, CO. Her professional work includes being a visual fine artist and architectural designer, an experienced yoga and meditation practitioner, a California Leadership Council board member with The Nature Conservancy and their Plastics Pollution focus group and a volunteer with other philanthropies including Heal the Bay. Her architectural education and teaching, along with years of world travel have inspired her diverse interests and advocacy of human rights and the rights of nature equally. Taunya holds a BA from Princeton University and a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Columbia University.
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Jeff Djordjevic

Jeff has been with WSS since its inception and brings over 30 years of transdisciplinary experience working in the fields of strategic planning, organizational consulting, futures research curation, knowledge systems architecture and creative multimedia design. Upon graduating cum laude from the University of Michigan with a BA in Political Science and Philosophy, his research continues to this day on understanding self-organizing whole systems, evolutionary emergence theory, paradigmatic transformation and the inner holarchy of all living systems. A born polymath, Jeff has pursued a synthesis of science and spirit, transpersonal psychology and planetary citizenship.
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Sadie Adams

Sadie is an accomplished entrepreneur, mentor and business advisor with over 25 years of experience facilitating individuals and groups in broadening perspectives and integrating big experiences. She is the founder of Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration, offering an array of innovative healing and beauty modalities, combining holistic techniques and treatments to support the body, mind and spirit. Sadie has earned a reputation for quality, unique and transformative services. Her innovative models have been replicated in multiple locations through her training and mentorship programs. Sadie's work has been featured in numerous beauty and wellness publications. Her academic journey includes studies in developmental anatomy and embryology at the School for Body-Mind Centering™ and Ayurvedic medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute. Sadie serves in advisory and counseling roles for nonprofits, public benefit and shamanism. She excels in integrating holistic and functional wellness approaches into large-scale innovative efforts. Her subtle and nuanced sensitivity informs and supports WSS culture building and communications strategies.

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