Our Vision is that through conscious collaboration, we will unite, organize, mobilize and align humanity in common purpose to find a solution to the climate crisis. Together as a global collaborative community, we will generate a global sustainable future via intelligent application of technology and resources.


Our Vision is that through conscious collaboration, we will unite, organize, mobilize and align humanity in common purpose to find a solution to the climate crisis. Together as a global collaborative community, we will generate a global sustainable future via intelligent application of technology and resources.


In a nutshell, we are developing an AI based global platform that helps organize the international community to work together effectively and to offer them all the necessary tools, knowledge and resources to solve the climate crisis.


World Systems Solutions Develops Systems to Unite Organizations to Solve Climate Change

The WSS Mission is to create a conscious collaboration technology infrastructure and education system that coordinates and empowers existing stakeholders, resources, organizations and governmental institutions to solve the climate crisis and avoid the collapse of life on our planet.

Our Goal is to Help Humanity Overcome Historical Divisions

We offer a radically new and non-political, cultural, and leadership paradigm of non-competitive empowerment of sustained global effort through education, resources, technology, solutions, and workshops.

We Aim to Generate a Sustainable Future for All Children and Species

We intend to help humanity transcend its unreconciled historical culture and gender wounding, separatist positionalities and social and political polarization in order to transform and generate a sustainable future for all of our children and all the world’s species.

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Non-Competitive Spirit



Non-Violent Communication

Unconditional Love

Honoring & Serving All Species On the Planet Equally

Simply put, WSS develops systems and tools that unite and synchronize the global community to solve the climate crisis.


Currently at over 40 team members and growing, the WSS Team of Teams is helping to bring the WSS Vision and Mission to life. Ongoing gratitude to all WSS team members, volunteers, participants and donors now and in the future who are making all of this possible in a collaborative and transdisciplinary manner.

If you or anyone you know has significant resources or network connections that you feel are crucial to the evolution and success of WSS, we encourage you to engage directly with our WSS Team of Teams.

We would be grateful to connect with you, answer all your questions and to collaborate in the spirit of love, inspiration and service to humanity. To contact us directly please fill out our collaboration form and/or email the WSS Orientation Team at connect@wssnow.org

Executive Team


John Jones

Founder and primary architect of the WSS organization and initiative, content creator and spiritual compass. For 20 years John has served as an organizational consultant, taught courses on personal transformation, functioned as a life coach and is the author of two books covering topics related to global transformation, spiritual development and emotional healing. John also worked for 14 years as an information systems programmer, database designer, network administrator, business analyst, project manager and researcher of organizational change.
amie rafter headshot

Amie Rafter

VP of Operations and Programs
Amie has an MBA and BS in International Business and has had 25 years of corporate career success developing and leading teams for multi-billion-dollar tech and medical device companies. Amie has been a vehicle for driving strategic, collaborative relationships and modes of operating. Now, blending heart and mind, Amie has been guided to support the development of new sustainable models of collaboration to enable the resolution of the worlds biggest issues. Combining her business background and education with her experience as a certified yoga teacher, life and career coach she focuses on compassionate execution as a non-profit leader committed to serving humanity and the natural world.

Transdisciplinary Teams

WSS's success depends on multi-functional teams who collaborate to achieve our goals. Below is a look at some of the distinguished personnel from our five core Strategic Partnerships, ClimateScale, PHOENIX, Orientation and Communication teams.

Sadie Adams headshot

Sadie Adams

Strategic Partnerships | Communications

Sadie has been a consultant in anatomy and movement, creativity, relationships, community, and business strategy for over 20 years. She feels that collaboration, compassion, and presence are essential in the process of transformation and development. Her subtle and nuanced sensitivity informs and supports WSS culture and communications strategies.

Michael Mayor headshot

Michael Muyot


Michael is  on a mission to enhance environmental sustainability on a global scale by giving enterprises the resources to making data-informed, sustainability-driven business decisions. He is an advocate for leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive innovation across corporate, public, and local community-based landscapes. Michael has 20+ years of experience in corporate advising, partnering with C-Suite Leaders from dozens of Fortune 500 Companies to adopt sustainability practices. Michael is also heavily invested in supporting political candidates with environmental sustainability mandates.

Sammi Berwick headshot

Sammi Berwick

Strategic Partnerships

As one of the initial members of Pyx Health's loneliness solution, Sammi held multiple roles from startup to a majority growth investment with TTCP by addressing health inequity for youth and underserved populations through a combination of empathetic chatbot technology and compassionate human intervention. Pyx Health now serves over six million covered lives nationally and has been recognized as one of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas. Sammi now serves on the WSSS Strategic Partnerships and the Youth, Women, and Diversity Empowerment Teams.

Jeff Djordjevic headshot

Jeff Djordjevic

Strategic Partnerships | Communications

With a BA from the University of Michigan and 20 years experience as a database architect, Jeff brings a transdisciplinary skillset to WSS, including creative direction, visual communications, information architecture, digital asset curation and organizational systems mapping. Working primarily with the Communications, Multimedia, Workshop Development, and  Website teams, Jeff also serves on the WSS Board of Directors.
Nicolás Ducoté headshot

Nicolás Ducoté

Strategic Partnerships | Climate Scale

Nico holds a Master's Degree in Public Policy (Harvard) and a BA in International Relations (Universidad de San Andrés). He was the Mayor of Pilar, Buenos Aires from 2015-2019. Co-founder and Executive Director of CIPPEC. University professor at Universidad Austral and Universidad del Salvador. He has been an international consultant for the UN, Transparency International, IDB, ECLAC, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum among others and has voluntarily advised various NGOs and civic and social organizations on issues of institutional development and action in the public interest.

Marcela Sabino headshot

Marcela Sabino


Marcela is a foresight strategist, creative director and innovation designer. She has worked with the World Bank, IFC, IDB, UN and in large corporations on Inclusive Development projects. She is also the Head of Innovation at the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro and has worked as its Lab Director for over five years. Marcela holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Political Science from Amherst College, a Masters in Public Policy & Political & Economic Development from Harvard University and a Master in the Design of Entertainment from the European Institute of Design.

Megan Werpy headshot

Megan Werpy

Orientation | Communications

With a degree in Business Management & Marketing, Megan has helped scale multiple businesses, organized community events, fundraisers and coached others to tap into their full potential. She enjoys using her skills in team empowerment, systems thinking and creative community building.
Ramanathan Subramanian headshot

Dr. Ramanathan Subramanian

ClimateScale | PHOENIX

Dr. Subramanian is an expert in Urban comfort modelling and energy optimization. Currently, he is an independent consultant where he facilitates digitalization in built environment planning and smart city design optimization. He holds a PhD in Modelling Urban Systems from Singapore University of Technology and Design, a double Masters in Integrated Sustainable Design from National University of Singapore and an MBA in Natural Resources Management from Amity University.
vishal gajjar headshot

Vishal Gajjar


With over 16 years of experience, Vishal's proficiency encompasses automation, business development, fundraising and consulting. Notably, Vishal has been instrumental in orchestrating complex transformation programs for leading global corporations across diverse industry sectors and geographies, showcasing his specialized capabilities. Vishal holds an MBA in Finance and a B.Tech in Engineering. His career trajectory includes significant collaborations with international industry giants all over the world. 

Kerry Morrison headshot

Kerry Morrison

Strategic Partnerships | ClimateScale

Kerry is an acclaimed environmental storyteller who creatively sponsors climate solutions and systems. As a former California Mayor and Chamber of Commerce President, and a leading voice for Salton Sea's restoration, he adeptly navigates sustainability and renewable tech landscapes. His impactful initiatives to give science a voice have been shown in close to 100 community events and spotlighted by LA Times, Vice News, Al Jazeera and more!
Jennifer Nuya headshot

Jennifer Nuya

Strategic Partnerships | ClimateScale

Jennifer Nuya is a speaker, trainer, consultant and coach on the topics of leadership, change management, innovation and disruption. Her massive transformative purpose is co- creating the human collective experience. She believes that every human being is born with the potential for greatness and can find their unique path to greatness.
Tracy Tarlow Headshot

Tracy Tarlow


Tracy Tarlow is dedicated to healthy life on planet Earth and is interested in fairness, i.e. equal access to basic needs such as food, water, and education. Tracy received her BA in Environmental Studies, Conservation and Restoration, Resource and Land Management from Sonoma State University and she has received her Permaculture Design certificate from Occidental Arts and Ecology Center.
amie rafter headshot

Amie Rafter

Strategic Partnerships

Amie has an MBA and BS in International Business and has had 25 years of corporate career success developing and leading teams for multi-billion-dollar tech and medical device companies. Amie has been a vehicle for driving strategic, collaborative relationships and modes of operating.

Tye Fussell headshot

Tye K. Fussell

ClimateScale | Communications

It has been said that "Tye is a creative in every sense of the word." He has led and created global campaigns for brands ranging from Fortune 50 to regional mom & pops. He holds a BS in Advertising from the University of Tennessee as well as a diploma in Art Direction from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. Tye is the founder of ADLAB, LLC in Austin, TX where he leads marketing efforts for a variety of national and global clients and is a board member and CMO for Clearpath EPM. Tye’s work has won scores of awards and has positively affected people all over the world.

Phil cowan headshot

Phil Cowan


Phil is a Founding Partner & Creative Director at Innovation Theory | AI & Web3 Product Innovation | Helping AI and Web3 projects de-risk future-tech innovation through unrivaled product design and business strategy. With several decades of experience in web design and development, he knows what it takes to become a game-changer in the Web3/Crypto industry. He has channeled his knowledge into helping Crypto & Blockchain enthusiasts pave the way for innovation and change. His goal is to help your business gain trust and legitimacy in the crypto community.

Betty Alamo headshot

Betty Alamo

Strategic Partnerships | PHOENIX

Betty is an Executive Administrative Assistant with over 25 years experience working for a Fortune 500 company. Born in Havana, Cuba, left at the age of three and currently resides in Florida. Betty enjoys swimming, snorkeling, archery, being of service to others and living in gratitude for family, amazing friends, all life experiences and incredible learning opportunities.

Eric Ferreri


Eric holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Computer Science and is committed to exploring the intricate relationship between human cognition and advanced technology. He has acquired a deep understanding of the nuances of human thought processes. This knowledge, coupled with his background in industrial engineering and psychology, positions Eric as a versatile professional with a unique skill set.

Roanna Ruperto headshot

Roanna Ruperto


Roanna is a dedicated visual artist with a deep love for art and a strong commitment to environmental conservation. Her vibrant artworks have been exhibited in different events, galleries and malls in the Philippines. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science, Roanna has enriched her artistic journey with substantial international roles, serving both as an Artist/Designer and later as an Export and Business Development Manager in the fashion industry.

Cheryl Koenigbauer Headshot

Cheryl Koenigbauer

Strategic Partnerships | PHOENIX | Orientation

Bio pending.

Justin Wilkinson Headshot

Justin Wilkinson


Justin is a video content creator and has worked for ten years as a video producer, director and editor. A long-time member of WSS, he serves on the Multimedia Team and has created numerous promotional videos for our website and YouTube channel.

Julie Tirakian headshot

Julie Tirakian

Orientation | Communications

Julie is a former middle school teacher with post graduate experience in the areas of chemistry, mathematics and microbiology. A lover of learning, she supports the development of an integrated educational approach that is student centered and provides the tools necessary to rapidly adapt, manage stress and generate solutions in a changing world. Julie is a certified Qigong instructor and Fa Chi practitioner. 
Gabriel Montes headshot

Dr. Gabriel Axel Montes


Dr. Gabriel Axel Montes (PhD) is a neuroscientist, mystic, musician, and consciousness practitioner and researcher. With a focus on AI, he works both hands-on and at the thought-leadership level toward the practical resolution of global challenges. Gabriel has worked in and with leading organizations at the pioneering edge of AI, offering intuitive complex systems expertise to advance their technology, strategy, and communications.

An artist at heart, Gabriel applies transdisciplinary creativity and synthesis to identify leverage points in technology, organizations, and systems.

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