The WSS is a loving, conscious social network and community, and a social movement. We are building a collaboration and education technology platform for humanity. Working together we will resolve climate change and its root causes, including polarized tribal dynamics and toxic competition.

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Our platform, community and social movement will support individuals, organizations and nations forming and collaborating in transdisciplinary, distributed and integrated teams of teams to solve every climate change issue.

We’ll ensure their successful collaboration by providing them with free, novel, consciousness-producing education that will help them resolve ego-based tribal dynamics within themselves, their families, organizations and nations. We’ll also give them access to any and all additional education, technology and resources required to implement their solutions such as logistics and project management systems.

By facilitating a collaborative environment and culture in which judgement, fear and competition are removed from the collaborative process we will foster a level of innovation, collaboration, and creative advancement of sophisticated ideas and solutions not previously possible for humanity.

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