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If you imagine telling someone about the internet before it ever came into existence, it would be easy to try to compare it to something that already existed, like the radio. Yes, both transmitted information, and both exponentially transformed our world. The combination of all four initiatives will create an upshift in the way society and technology work together, creating a utility that stretches our current imagination. PHOENIX is the bridge taking us to a sustainable future.

We are all educators and students. World Systems Solutions is a container that is helping all global efforts to collaborate in one place. Once we are all working from A.I. and blockchain supported, vetted, precise, non-biased information with an intention of best serving the natural world and future generations, we will have a compass and a path forward together. WSS is non-religious and apolitical. We understand that for humanity to leap to the next phase of evolution, we must reframe what it means to learn. Important education can include how we learn to build new trust models between individuals and nations or what subconscious tendencies are causing unrealized destruction.

We are for conscious capitalism. Although capitalism has served as a stage of growth for much of the world and has helped develop wonderful technologies, our unconscious, competition-based status quo is not sustainable. There are dynamics of capitalism that act as glass ceilings to our development as a species and simultaneously create disharmony with the ecosystem. We must consider the impacts of putting short-term profits ahead of the long-term global common good. Crisis has been caused by old paradigms that no longer map to sustainable reality such as humans dominating nature. How can we support risk-mitigation of climate change and rapid development of economic accountability? Conscious Collaboration will allow for conscious capitalism that can consider the stakeholders in addition to shareholders, circular economics, and the imbalanced pressure on natural resources.

We see the future of corporations and organizations functioning in a much more interrelated collaboration. WSS reframes education as the means to achieve such a sustainable and healthy mindset. Without a radical change, current corporations and organizations will not survive as fragmented competing entities. Some forward-thinking organizations will eagerly adopt the new paradigm because they understand proactive change equals risk-mitigation and will collaborate with social movements to learn, grow and work together. Others will resist until it's the only socially acceptable thing for them to do.

The most positive outcome of the last decade could be understanding how our traditional ways of approaching challenges are no longer a complete solution. We need global decision support systems that include the most accurate information. PHOENIX is a transformational system and a social compass that can steer us through this difficult transition to a thriving natural world and planet that will sustain future generations.

We are building a conscious and adapting global utility that responds to the root causes of these challenges by upgrading human consciousness leading to new technological solutions and concerted human actions. We are a learning organization, amplifying goodwill through technologies only now available. Complete solutions will be reflected in a fractal form at every level of society. This allows participation from grassroots to nations as a complete system and magnifies the voice of every individual at every location.

Transformation is a choice. PHOENIX and other programs will be built by the people and not imposed on anyone. WSS is not the answer, it's a vehicle for humanity to steer in a new direction.

We all are being faced with a stark choice: collaborate or die. As we experience more fires, floods, famine, droughts, and pollution, internal pressures will drive us to collaborate. We are creating a venue where all stakeholders can come together as equals with new models of collaboration.

There are some who may initially be resistant to working together in these new ways. When we can show that more people will live and be financially solvent by adopting collaborative models, proactive change will be more widely adopted globally. PHOENIX will provide a bridge to move forward together, with no one left behind.

There are many wonderful groups working separately for social change and their energy is vital to this process. WSS will align and synchronize these groups through PHOENIX. Synchronization requires letting go of polarization and moving into collaboration.

There are many ways to engage and activate your values. Every single person is a puzzle piece to solving the global challenges. How you feel called to contribute is exactly what is needed from you. You are invited to donate, volunteer, share, learn in our facilitation meetings, or host a watch party of WSS YouTube educational videos. Any way that you are able to participate is valuable to our world's current situation.

There is no need to resign yourself to the status quo. However you choose to participate to actively support this emerging new life process, World Systems Solutions is here to support and learn from you. How we collaborate with others, learn to learn, and the decisions we make daily are ultimately up to each of us.

World Systems Solutions' organizational process is comprehensive, ensuring that important details are not left out. The scale of WSS is designed to meet the current needs of the world's escalating complexities. Half-measures will not "move the needle" on climate change and billions of lives are at stake. To limit global warming to around 1.5C (2.7°F), the IPCC report insisted that global greenhouse gas emissions would have to peak "before 2025 at the latest, and be reduced by 43 per cent by 2030." Global temperatures will stabilize when carbon dioxide emissions reach net zero.

Technology and collaboration alone would be incomplete without an education that brings us all into synchronized action and collective trust along with workshops that are designed to fast-track the process on all scales and levels. It is imperative that there is an organization that will not be bought or influenced by special interests, is apolitical, and can bring together the already existing ideas, expertise, technologies and passion for goodwill.

PHOENIX is comprised of three essential pillars: Technological infrastructure, education and world culture. All three working in symbiosis at all levels of society from grassroots to leadership.

We are building this new global utility through a culture developed in Conscious Collaboration. This new world culture is informed by the Team of Teams and diverse grassroots volunteers. Through research, fundraising, and partnering with global change-makers and A.I.-driven technology companies, we are laying the groundwork for this essential service to the world. We have been blessed with the technical resources to launch this project, and it is already underway. It is imperative that the governance of a utility of this scale remain apolitical, decentralized and integrous.
Examples of this are in the utilization of blockchain technology, systems checks and balances, and curated user oversight.

All of these resources, including additional financial investments, must come together rapidly to adapt and meet the needs of the climate crisis. The amount of contributions we receive in the near term will determine how many lives will be saved. To maintain a global utility of this scale requires significant investments to implement along with both small and large contributions from around the world.

World Systems Solutions is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to world service. You can donate at www.wssnow.org/donate

Galvanizing our collective will and courage is essential, as when President John F. Kennedy declared we would land a man on the moon within ten years.


A platform of this scale will allow us to act on solutions faster and more comprehensively. Imagine a world where not only the rich and powerful have a voice; a world where everyone is able to participate in the adaptation to the inevitable effects of climate change.

Our current global leadership operates from a disunified, and self-interested perspective. A synchronized planetary guidance system such as PHOENIX will allow leaders to consciously collaborate with other consortiums, thereby creating downline effects which lead to peace and whole systems solutions, amplifying goodwill to support the change necessary to save billions of lives.

PHOENIX utilizes Conscious Collaboration to inform A.I. while leveraging existing technologies for climate change response. Over 80% of people have smartphones, through which they will be able to access a transparent and secure, crowdsourced platform to act on real-time data. This will expedite the identification of the most urgent needs, allowing for informed decisions and immediate solutions.

Resistance is a response to the changes already happening. Without better informed solutions to choose from, there is no roadmap for leadership. How we engage the rapidly transforming landscape of the status quo requires a vision backed by a support system that we build together.

Competition fosters a zero sum game that puts self-interest ahead of the survival of future generations and the well-being of the natural world by rapidly depleting our global resources and increasing the toxicity of our environment. Without a recognition of the interrelatedness of the natural ecosystem with political and economic systems we cannot build a sustainable world that serves all by sharing renewable resources for the common good.

PHOENIX is being designed to leverage the pressures all nations feel from the climate crisis to impel them into necessary and well-organized action steps, generating objective solutions based on data and decentralized human input. With this increased collaboration we can utilize the PHOENIX platform to proactively generate and orchestrate the delivery of global-scale crisis solutions by synergizing consortiums of nations, organizations, universities, research institutes and many crowd-sourced initiatives with all of their technologies and resources.

Until now solutions have been created with short term frameworks, rarely addressing long term consequences. PHOENIX, driven by A.I., will have the ability to run data- driven scenarios with sustainable and objective long-term solutions, free from political lobbying and greed-driven influences. Collaboratively working together using PHOENIX will resolve the emergencies facing the planet.

Conscious Collaboration draws on the co-creative capacities of individuals in an integrative way to arrive at collective strategies and implement them, while honoring all of humanity and the natural world equally.

Qualities of Conscious Collaboration include meeting each other with unconditional love consistently, heartfelt kindness and compassion, intentional vulnerability, patience and tolerance, self-accountability, curiosity and creativity, openness, receptivity, facilitation of team harmony, balance, managing change-shock and transformational stress pre-emptively, mutual equality and respect for all.

The climate crisis does not recognize national borders. Until now, attempts to solve climate change have been acted upon from a separatist and competitive mindset. Resolution will require active cohesive participation amongst all parties: national, local, public, private and individual. When we work together for a common goal, we are better able to generate holistic solutions for complex and interconnected issues.

Transmutation of competition into Conscious Collaboration enables us to act in a sustained and unified way for planetary adaptation, alignment, synchronization and inclusive mobilization of all the world's people. Beyond resolving the climate crisis, achieving this will also profoundly benefit every facet of life, society and the natural world.

If you have questions that have not been answered, please contact us and one of our team members will respond as soon as possible.

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