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Social Movement Engine

The New World Project

The Social Movement Engine is a technology infrastructure, specifically designed to support conscious collaboration between individuals, groups, organizations, and consortiums of nations

AI Collaboration Technology

This technology will draw upon all the latest developments in artificial intelligence and internet-based collaboration support.

Businessman works in office with a tablet. Concept of internet sharing and company startup
Diverse group of business people meeting in office lobby with focus on young woman in wheelchair sharing ideas

Large Scale Collaboration

This sustained venue for large scale collaboration will empower individuals and all of humanity to have a working environment necessary for climate change solutions generation and implementation.

Solutions Deployment

The Social Movement Engine system will allow for prototyping and testing all kinds of solutions and for their strategized deployment.

Green, happy cities

SME Capabilities

AI Engine Core that supports various scales of Synthesized, Synchronized, Coordinated Developments, Capabilities, and Capacities such as Unification, Equality, Organization, Alignment, Education, and Mobilization.

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"Just-In-Time" Technology

The technological capacity for this is only now possible and is fully understood to be a required building block in the developmental environment for holistic solutions. Blockchain is just one example of such technology that is becoming available “just-in-time” to be integrated, combined, and applied towards the WSS Vision and Mission. See this video below from the Centre for International Governance Innovation’s Youtube Channel for a short explanation of Blockchain technology.


Completely Free and Accessible

This system will be available for free to all nations equally and accessible to all individuals, cultures, and nations equally.

Equitable Voting System

This approach to global transformation will allow the “votes” of every contributing person to be counted equally and applied effectively to generate real world results that have not been possible to attain in the past.


Social Movement Engine Overview

Systemic Organized Global Transformation

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There is no communication from any individual that is unimportant and this system will be designed to honor and value all of them.

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