World Systems Solutions Introduces Global Utility to Solve Climate Crisis

At its Spring Gala at the Music Academy of the West, World Systems Solutions (WSS) introduced the PHOENIX World Transformation Platform, an global utility dedicated to the rapid development and delivery of solutions to address the climate crisis

The platform works through a system of artificial intelligence (AI)-supported collaboration modules, empowering diverse global stakeholders, according to WSS.

The PHOENIX platform is being designed to aggregate global resources into an organized system for large scale-solutions generation and delivery to any area of need in the world.

The utility will facilitate the efficient coordination and synchronization of all nations’ global climate change efforts and generate scalable, crowd-sourced, AI-supported solutions to regenerate the planet, WSS said.

The WSS Spring Gala hosted talks fron visionary speakers, including:

  • WSS CEO John Jones, founder and primary architect of the WSS organization and PHOENIX initiative. Jones has dedicated his life to supporting transformational change for humanity to its highest potential. He is the author of “Enter the Era of Empowerment,” “Self- Sovereignty in a Complex World,” and “A World Without Fear.”
  • Katharine Wilkinson, an author, strategist teacher, and one of “15 Women Who Will Save the World,” according to Time magazine. Her books on climate include the anthology “All We Can Save,” “The Drawdown Review” and “Drawdown.”
  • Michael Bernard Beckwith, founder of the Agape International Spiritual Center, and author of such books as “Life Visioning,” “Spiritual Liberation,” and “TranscenDance,” which are the recipients of the prestigious Nautilus award.

The three expressed their perspectives on the theme of the gala event:

“This is humanity’s moonshot moment to realize its highest collective potentials, and simultaneously to solve the challenges of the climate crisis; and we ask every organization and person that shares this vision to connect and collaborate with us,” Jones said.

“To make all of this possibility reality, science also tells us that we need to implement solutions about 5x faster than we are currently doing. This idea of speed and scale is really vital,” said Wilkinson.

“A vision without action is fantasy, but an action without vision is chaos,” Beckwith said.

WSS expressed its commitment and strategy for empowering and educating the world’s youth, women and diversity on the PHOENIX platform to generate solutions together.

WSS’s next event will be the Youth Climate Action Summit, later this year. The organization also is preparing to launch the first PHOENIX platform, ClimateScale, empowering humanity to resolve climate change through easy access to greenhouse gas offsets, investments and donations.

The gala was sponsored by Nancy O’Reilly, Women Connect4Good, Anya and Larry O’Reilly, Hidden Forrest Art Gallery, and Strange Family Vineyards.

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