WSS Core Themes Document

Humanity as a collective species is now at a critical inflection-point in our collective evolution. The problems of the world are rapidly increasing in number, and becoming so vast, systemic and complex, and affecting so many of us in such drastic ways that they can no longer be ignored or left to siloed groups or nations, or individual organizations or for-profit corporate initiatives to solve them. The state of consciousness that put in place the incentives, infrastructures and systems of business and models of governance of today cannot effectively take us into tomorrow.

Our collective consciousness must fundamentally shift, and we must choose to evolve our consciousness rapidly, intentionally and comprehensively if we are to remain viable as a species. This means that new goals, values and priorities must drive our decision-making and strategizing. New technologies alone will not solve our problems, we must literally change ourselves and how we live. We must move from our traditional dynamics of competition for resources, ego-centric profit motive and fighting for tribal survival to one of long-term collaboration and a complete aligned revision and upgrade of our current world management systems, societies, cultures and technologies. We must resolutely now choose to solve all the dimensions of the global problems that we ourselves are choosing daily to create. This is no utopian ideal or aspiration, we must constantly operate from verified facts, metrics and pragmatic grounded intention. We must now consider what world we will create and leave behind for our children to inherit. We must be vigilant and vow to never again fall asleep at the collective steering wheel.

It is the escalating global pressures we all face that will make this proposed plan work and guide us in its long-term unfoldment. We intend and hold no judgment or blame of anyone or any nation for our current world situation and blaming and punishing each other will not help us solve our situation. We simply understand that it is vital to describe our collective situation clearly, and to express the unvarnished truth, as best it can be understood, so that appropriate solutions can then be efficiently and directly arrived at by all and applied in a globally orchestrated manner. If the historical evolutionary dynamics of our fully interdependent global community are looked at with complete unconditional love and a non-judgmental eye, then we can understand that we are all subject to and are learning, evolving and growing from these challenging influences. Therefore, from these same influences we can all consciously choose either to learn to change ourselves and to live in peace and work together or to descend into fear, confusion and conflict, it is and must be our collective choice how we proceed. Making the choice to live in global peace requires that we effectively and rapidly develop a new paradigm of wise, integrous globally collaborative leadership and new world transformation strategies for our leaders to apply in a unified and orchestrated manner. We must consciously choose to redirect the inertia of our traditional ways of living to this new and vital purpose.

There are vast untapped international human resources, new and empowering yet fragmented technological developments and decentralized and polarized financial resources which can all be brought together and integrated, logistically coordinated and shaped into optimally effective global solutions. We of the WSS want to network and partner with many international organizations and crowd initiatives to efficiently bring their current individual capabilities together and then organize, align, integrate, focus and deliver these contributed resources as finished ergonomically appropriate solutions everywhere in the world. This process is necessary to consistently solve otherwise intractable global problems in the time available and with the resources we currently have.

These problem resolutions can in part be solved by redefining them in new terms that are solvable. One example of this process in action is to more accurately and collaboratively define problems in global terms and thereby to truly understand their interrelated global systems impacts, rather than trying to define them in limiting nationalistic terms or in for-profit systems of economic terms. We cannot all get to health, safety and abundance via such the currently limited, unbalanced and conflict laden vehicle and system. We must now all choose to prepare for our future challenges. We must strategize, plan, establish new networked systems of global solutions generation and create shared key resource reservoirs of all required kinds that can be rapidly and effectively deployed to meet near-term and long-term international needs in a balanced, fair and equitable manner.

World Systems Solutions or the “WSS” vision represents a new and constantly adaptive paradigm for facilitated harmonious international collaboration, and orchestrated and accelerated healthy species consciousness evolution and transformation. Its three-pillar strategy constitutes the key elements that will generate the stable bridge to our collective future and includes the following components:

An apolitical, globally inclusive, uniting, aligning, empowering and integrating social movement that allows the good intentions, resources and abilities of humanity to be effectively and efficiently and consistently brought forth for the healing of our planet and to support the highest global common good.

A technology-based collaboration and global transformation support platform and organizational infrastructure to allow new ways of operating at all required scales, in all social venues and in an internationally coordinated manner. This structured system will produce problem resolution, distribution of resources, information, education and transdisciplinary holistic approaches that optimally enhance the way the global community, groups and individuals function in our world. It will generate global solutions at the required scales and vast capacity that can only be achieved via a new, complete and integrated collaboration system and “platform of platforms” that will support ongoing catalytic international, governmental, non-profit, for-profit and crowd sourced collaboration and evolving conversations.

A philosophy, ideology and defined path to a united healthy world culture that allows us all to collaborate, coordinate, operate and make collective decisions in a truly conscious, transparent, non-competitive dynamic that is aligned with the highest good of all humanity and the natural world we rely on.  This path will:

  • generate a healthy sustainable social, economic, technological and ecological future for all of humanity
  • effectively solve systemic global problems and optimally manage future world support systems
  • support humanity in the attainment of its highest future potential
  • diminish global transformational stress, conflict and potential “culture change shock” constantly and preemptively, while healing and reducing preexisting cultural and international conflicts, non-aligned priorities and misunderstandings

We must create a new, comprehensive and communicable paradigm for positive managed global change that can be truly transformational and sustainable in our world. In order to accomplish these goals, we must:

  1. Understand the disruptive gaps in our current systems and in our own societal, cultural and personal decision-making strategies that are preventing us from quickly, efficiently and effectively solving large-scale issues and maintaining a thriving collective living system for the benefit of all.
  2. Have the courage to override our unconscious individual and collective fear of and resistance to profound large-scale change and become willing to bring it about by conscious intentional choice rather than by fearful reactions to humanitarian or economic crisis.
  3. Create the infrastructure, develop the technologies and bring together the vast resources and transdisciplinary subject matter expertise necessary to manifest it and bring this change to light. This requires a complete global transformation support infrastructure that can address many large-scale systemic and interrelated real-world issues simultaneously and in an internationally coordinated manner.  Just reestablishing our previous tenuous, dysfunctional and unsustainable global status-quo mode of world operation, as it was prior to COVID-19, will no longer adequately or sustainably meet our collective needs.

World Systems solutions is being designed to offer a globally re-organizing, developmentally facilitative and consciousness transforming process and strategies for restructuring our global support infrastructure. We need these developments in order to stem the rising tide of numerous and intractable global issues that are now at every nation’s doorstep and to create a globally sustainable future for humanity.  Our species must choose to evolve faster than the problems that we are creating for ourselves are developing and undermining our capacities to solve them.

The WSS’s organizing and transformational culture is unique and operates from a set of core values and guiding principles that are the foundation of everything it affects. Integrity, transparency, love and compassion for all of humanity and the commitment to serve the common good equitably, including that of our internationally shared natural environment are at the top of the list. From this foundation, ongoing large-scale international collaboration will be achieved through limitlessly scalable coordinated application of the latest technology, transdisciplinary knowledge, and subject matter expertise. The resulting baseline WSS organizational platform functionalities, which will constitute a true and comprehensive Global Transformation Operating System will include:

  • a global transformation and evolution supportive organizational culture, developmental paradigm and implementation engine. (I.e. a platform, and an architecture, infrastructure and model).
  • a centralized, integrated and complete database and reservoir of free-to-all transdisciplinary knowledge, research data and information. This will provide access to knowledge that is non-biased, non-political, up to date, dependably integrous, without agenda, and designed and intended to be supportive of wise, united and healthy global strategizing, decision-making and  coordinated collaborative efforts for the global common good.
  • a global collaboration system of networked technology platforms, information systems technologies, organizations and institutions, that includes a central database of available affiliated collaborative expertise, networkable organizational resources and human resources of all kinds.
  • a new and free to all online University level global transformation education system.
  • a central think-tank coordinative and transdisciplinary learning and knowledge integration and synthesis engine.
  • a crowd sourced software solutions development hub.
  • a free online software developer and coder educational training system to rapidly generate needed vitally necessary software development capacity and resources.
  • a comprehensive global solutions development hub, environment, design tools and distribution mechanism that provides ergonomically correct solutions that are precisely calibrated to the issues they are applied to. This system will be guided by a strategy engine.
  • a global bartering system that is block chain technology based.
  • a central broad-spectrum communications system to facilitate coordinated collaborative global activities.
  • a logistical resource collection, management and distribution hub that is supportive of broad- spectrum solutions distribution, including the logistics of the scientific process, and the dynamics of global transformation.
  • a global issue monitoring, reporting and analysis system and statistics engine.
  • a societal and cultural healing and consciousness transformation engine. Which includes an online shared interactive educational environment and a functional model of transformation.
  • consulting, mentoring, training services and global leadership and systems of governance development services.

These listed and precisely defined planetary scale reorganizing capabilities and solutions production capacities will be designed to be cross-functionally interwoven and to consistently inform, support and evolve each other’s process, effectiveness and efficiency.

The WSS design will be crowd-sourced and open systems, and both centralized and distributed.  The unique, culture, technology and operational design is necessary to process our rapidly developing world’s databases of information in order to stay ahead of the global change curve. This robust not-for-profit organizational model will partner with and non-competitively and logistically coordinate with all participating entities and groups and freely supply tools and resources to achieve large-scale collective goals. This includes supporting both for-profit and non-profit world organizations in every nation to rapidly refocus and realign their resources and priorities and to repurpose existing business and institutional models toward global solutions production.  This will creatively, nimbly, and flexibly occur in whatever ways are necessary to integrously, equitably, economically, socially, ecologically and sustainably ground and refine our present and future human life process and reharmonize humanity with our natural world. We will also develop and deploy a new form of online educational system to model and teach the developed cultural ability to operate in these new, necessary and sustainable ways.

The most current and obvious issue we are facing is the global pandemic that all of humanity is experiencing and which has fundamentally brought our world and its social and economic systems to a standstill. COVID-19 is showing our world the stark limitations of our current technologies and of toxically ruthless competitive profit-driven corporate systems which are causing unnecessary conflict for mission critical resources, which is directly leading to more deaths. COVID-19 will not be our last global challenge, so we must prepare now. The global process of reactive adaptation and transformation created by the COVID-19 disruptions is just the beginning of the large-scale changes that we will be required to make as time goes by and other global challenges reach levels of unmanageable disruption which our international social and economic systems cannot survivably tolerate.

The practical truth we are now resolutely facing and must accept is that our current world development and management systems (including governmental and corporate systems) are not fundamentally or adequately geared or oriented toward collaboratively working together. There are currently no adequate global collaboration support platforms designed specifically to bridge the obvious gaps in all our legacy global management systems, conflicted cultural tendencies, political and social systems and technology bases. The world management systems of today are operationally limited by toxic predatory competition, partisanship, polarization, inequity, bias, nationalism and corrupted by ego-based tribal dynamics and have become too costly to sustain. Our current global systemic design cannot effectively resolve or correct itself in the time allowed to us and with our current approach and resources. We can and must all now proactively choose to teach ourselves to build a new and stronger bridge to tomorrow. There is a short-term window of opportunity available to us to choose this more conscious and optimal path together without blaming or judging our prior economic systems, social dynamics, leadership or any nation.  We can even choose to appreciate how our prior ways of operating have served us to get this far as a competitive species, that must now operate as a united community. Now is the time to gracefully, gratefully and intelligently change how we collectively choose to develop and how we live life.

World Systems Solutions has a comprehensive organizational development strategy, defined roadmap and supportive internationally distributed organizational model necessary to bring forth the required elements to affect large-scale proactive positive change in the world. The practical initial steps toward achieving this goal are to bring together a combination of crowd sourced resources, (i.e. a “grass roots movement”). It will also include bringing together representatives of various global organizations, and the creation of a network of leaders and supporters that includes relevant thought leaders, concerned philanthropists, world class subject matter experts, and well known performance artists that then network and collaborate to bring forth resources and funding for the design and creation of the WSS organizational architecture and then to globally publicly support the WSS development process going forward.These three strategic processes and dynamics will all unfold in tandem.  This network of supporters, while crucial to this evolving dynamic, will neither define, form nor lead the WSS organizational development. Their key role will be the funding, support and resourcing the WSS development, rather than shaping or directing its development. The WSS organization will organically evolve to operate in whatever manner is most necessary to fulfill the needs of all levels of international societies of the world simultaneously.  It will, by necessity, be equally contributed to, developed by, influenced by, and participated in, and thus shaped in its evolution by all levels of humankind across time.

​We humbly ask all of humanity to choose to help each other and to accomplish these vital goals in order to create a bright sustainable future for all. There are far greater problems on our near-term horizon with far greater and more lasting negative effects than many people are aware of, and if we do not act now, decisively and collectively, in an aligned and coordinated manner, the damage to the planet we are dependent upon may be irrevocable, and the loss of life significant. Our present chosen actions will determine our future collective destiny. It is time to unite our hearts, minds and hands in collective intention to raise our consciousness and compassionately embrace our interconnectedness as one humanity, one earth, with one destiny.  We look forward to connecting with all of you in united spirit.

Below is a diagram depicting the various overview capabilities of the new WSS model. This represents the core themes that WSS design and implementation intends to produce and affect in the world as a means to create comprehensive manageable and orchestrated global transformation.


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