Climate Emergency Response Forum – CERF

WSS Climate Emergency Response Forum - It's time to rise! The Climate Crisis is something that we desperately need to solve. What humanity has been doing…

Nissaf Sleymi

Every Friday, as part of the EmpowerED program, WSS holds a collaborative educational event where we learn about climate crisis efforts from individuals and organizations…

Event Series Healing Hub

Healing Hub


To support the increasing global pressures, WSS offers free Healing Hubs every week. These sessions are hosted by WSS volunteers who offer a variety of…

Event Series WSS Unity Team

WSS Empowered Unity Team


Loving unity and empowerment is a conscious choice; it takes hard work, it takes commitment, it takes eternal vigilance to walk in another’s shoes, every day, and the requisite discipline to continue to make this same choice, day after day, rather than to seek the comfort of tribe or of distraction from the pain of others or the pain we've experienced ourselves. All are welcome in this process to learn and collaborate on a new way of being with each other through conscious empowerment and radical caring.