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The Climate Crisis is something that we desperately need to solve. What humanity has been doing to address it has not adequately worked. New collaborative and collective approaches are now required as we have less than two years to act decisively and on a global scale. Then we must continue acting for the next 30 years in order to fully succeed. No single organization, institution or government is going to move the needle on the climate crisis. It is time for humanity to foundationally change how we live in this world. Only all of us working together can achieve sustainability and renew the natural ecosystem. 

We are gathering capable stakeholders from many different disciplines to collaborate for two days. In this workshop environment, we will engage this diverse group’s unique skill sets to creatively build new networks and solutions to effect catalytic changes that significantly move the needle on the climate crisis.

Part of the reason the needle hasn't moved significantly is that we haven't been able to collectively hold the various climate crisis dimensions in mind as individual humans or groups. Now with AI augmentation of cognitive processes, we have the ability to see the panorama of climate crisis dimensions, and to have direct effect on all of them in a way that is truly healing for our world. Results of this workshop will be used as a model of hyper-collaborative workshops and as a mechanism for accelerating global solutions development and deployment ahead of future symptoms of climate crisis disasters.



At CERF 1 in Greenville, SC, we designed and developed a system to accelerate the evolution of collective collaborative capacity in order for us to help save humanity and nature. Together, we initiated what can result in the shift in consciousness necessary to make global solutions possible. We proved a working model for ongoing transdisciplinary and diverse collaboration that includes ways to synchronize, synergize and catalyze global and local transformation and solutions efforts. We also developed a new workshop model for global capacity development to guide the world to move the needle on the climate crisis.

We also learned and designed foundational infrastructure needed for humanity to solve key components of the climate crisis and the larger poly-crisis. Each group came up with concrete tangible ideas, solutions, approaches, strategies and documented them, using conscious and intentional collaboration. 

Join the Forum in June 3-4, 2024

Unity of Santa Barbara
227 E Arrellaga St.
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

unity of Santa Barbara



Click headshot for bio.

George orbelian headshot
George Orbelian, Board Member, Buckminster Fuller Insitute
Marc Bolick Headshot
Marc Bolick, Founder and
Managing Partner, ReShift
amie rafter headshot
Amie Rafter, VP of Operations and Programs, WSS
Dr. Ramanathan Subramanian headshot
Dr. Ramanathan Subramanian, Urban Planning Consultant
Ragan Thomson Headshot
Ragan Thomson, Chairperson of the Board, WSS
Temple Hayes Headshot
Reverend Temple Hayes,
Global Spiritual Leader
Nathan White headshot
Nathan White,
CoFounder & CEO, Agess, Inc.
John Jones Headshot
John Jones, CEO, WSS
Nancy O'Reilly headshot
Dr. Nancy O'Reilly, Founder,
Women Connect4Good, Inc.
Michael Mayor headshot
Michael Muyot, Founder, American Polling Exchange
Jeff Djordjevic headshot
Jeff Djordjevic,
Knowledge Synthesis Architect
Megan Werpy headshot
Megan Werpy,
Community Empowerment and Communications Coordinator
Crispin Clarke headshot
Crispin Clarke,
vishal gajjar headshot
Vishal Gajjar, Business Development
Kerry Morrison headshot
Kerry Morrison, Climate Systems Developer & Strategy Consultant
angel adams headshot
Angel Adams,
Head of Ecosystem, Liberated Grounds
Farhana Hasan Headshot
Farhana Hasan,
Founder and CEO, HerWILL
Audrey DePaulo headshot
Audney DePaulo, SVP, Private Wealth Advisor, Morgan Stanley
Tahiya Islam headshot
Tahiya Islam, Country Manager,
HerWILL Bangladesh
Ginny Whitelaw headshot
Dr. Ginny Whitelaw, Founder,
The Institute for Zen Leadership
Keri Evjy headshot
Keri Evjy, Founder and CEO, Regenerative Life Design, LLC
Anthony David Adams
Anthony David Adams,
dr. David Alexander headshot
Reverend Dr. David Alexander,
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta
Taunya van der Steen-Mizel headshot
Taunya van der Steen-Mizel,
Women in Climate and California Leadership Board Member, The Nature Conservancy
Krys White headshot
Krys White, Senior Advisor, Sustainability Performance Office of Management, Department of Energy
Tom Bosschaert headshot
Tom Bosschaert,
Founder and Director, Except Integrated Sustainability
Beni Oren headshot
Beni Oren, Youth Culture Architect and Systems Thinker
Jordan Daly Headshot
Jordan Daly,
Field Catalyst | Weaver | Advisor
Alex Rodriguez Headshot
Alex Rodriguez,
CEO, Conduit Government Relations
Elisha Christopher headshot
Rev. Elisha Christopher,
Spiritual Director, Center for Spiritual Living Santa Cruz
Linda Rodriguez Headshot
Linda Rodriguez,
Nonprofit Consultant
Joseph cook headshot
Joseph L. Cook
Environmental Scientist
Morgan Harwith headshot
R. Morgan Harwith
Co-Founder & EVP, 360 Power Group
Esther Galfalvi headshot
Dr. Esther Galfalvi, Decentralization Program Lead & AI Ethics Project Coordinator, SingularityNET
Sammi Berwick headshot
Sammi Berwick,
WSS Strategic Partnerships
Wolf and Lisa Wapehpah Headshot
Wolf and Lisa Wapehpah,
Native American Elders, Founders of Descendants of the Earth
Hannah Eckberg Headshot
Hannah Eckberg,
Co-Founder and Executive Director, Abundant Earth Foundation
Andrea Neal Headshot
Dr. Andrea Neal, Ph.D.,
CEO at Blue Capital, LLC
Julie Schneiderman Headshot
Julie Schneiderman,
Founder and CEO at EcoStiks
Bill Nash,
Fundraising Strategy and Strategic Partnerships, WSS
Ana M Becerra headshot
Ana M. Becerra,
Founder and Board Vice President, Sacred Indigenous Preservation
Kevin J. Patel headshot
Kevin J. Patel
Founder and Executive Director, OneUpAction International
Tiffany Persons headshot
Tiffany Persons. Owner, Tiffany Company Casting, Founding Director, Shine On Sierra Leone
Steve Bosak Headshot
Steve Bosak
Partner and Senior Facilitator, Reshift
John Teitelbaum headshot
John Teitelbaum,
Financial Services Professional
Sadie Adams headshot
Sadie Adams,
Founder, Take Care Center for Body Mind Regeneration, WSS Board Member
Justin Wilkinson Headshot
Justin Wilkinson,
Sr. Video Editor and Producer, FuturHealth
Sarah Otterstrom headshot
Sarah Otterstrom,
Executive Director, Paso Pacifico
Carl Pongs Headshot
Carl Pongs,
Owner, Greenbelt Growers
Zinzi Johnson Headshot
Zinzi Johnson,
Director, Piece Orange Productions
Jack Wielebinski Headshot
Jack Wielebinski,
Chief Investment Officer,
One Small Planet
Natasha Glasgow Headshot2
Natasha Glasgow,
Founder, NVG Beauty
Hannah-Beth Jackson Headshot
Hannah-Beth Jackson,
California State Senator (Retired)
Lyndsey Kenefick Headshot
Lyndsay Kenefick,
Founder, Creative Director, Creative Curations SB
Ivana Jevtic Headshot
Ivana Jevtic,
Biomimicry Professional


  • 1

    Define a new quality of consciousness necessary to collaboratively generate optimal long-term solutions that will directly result in renewal, sustainability and reharmonization with the planet. 

  • 2

    Utilize the latest AI technology to accelerate collaborative team processes and co-creative solutions development.

  • 3

    We will collaboratively arrive at understandings of the true nature of effectively scalable sustainable solutions and what is practically required to affect them.

  • 4

    Learn to differentiate between traditional and humanistic values in order to effectively map and align innovative approaches to global solutions generation.

  • 5

    We will map and document the evolutionary path needed to transform currently non-sustainable world values into sustainable ones.

The output of this workshop, once synthesized via AI, will generate a method of transforming economic and organizational processes of local communities worldwide into global sustainability.

To join us for post-CERF collaboration, please open a free Discord account to be invited to our private server:


Day 1

Day 2


Objective: Utilize insights and learnings from the previous CERF to inform a highly focused and practical approach to solving specific socio-environmental challenges. Based on a hypothetical future scenario, the first day is dedicated to developing concrete, grounded solutions that can be applied in the real world to mitigate climate change and promote sustainability in the shortest time possible.

  • Review and Reflection: Begin with a recap of key takeaways from the previous CERF, highlighting successful strategies and areas needing improvement. This sets the stage for a continuity of process and purpose.
  • Focused Workshops: Engage in targeted workshops aimed at tackling predefined environmental problems. These sessions are designed around specific tasks and goals identified prior to the forum, ensuring a streamlined and effective solution development process
  • Showcasing Continuity: Highlight the evolutionary process from CERF one to now, demonstrating how past insights have shaped the current approach to developing real-world solutions.
  • Collaborative Practical Solution Development: Utilize a mix of expert-led and sessions to design practical, scalable solutions. This involves integrating technology, policy, and community engagement in a holistic approach and collaboration evolution process to environmental problem-solving for the common good.
  • AI-Augmented Practical Solution Development: Conducted real time via transdisciplinary expert ai-support personas. AI- synthesized or produced outputs from this day will support and feed the solutions generated process of the second workshop day.

This workshop will be recorded for educational purposes.


We have the collaborative opportunity to reimagine the values systems necessary to enable sustainable life processes.

AI augmented collaboration is the antidote to the climate crisis.

Our current way of life and technology base and way of developing solutions is creating the climate crisis. 

Our current non-collaborative and unscalable approaches, however well intended, will not solve the climate crisis in the time available. A new paradigm is required!

We must collaboratively and collectively define and enact new approaches and paradigms. 

Participants realize we must build the collective global capacity in order to affect necessary transformational change into sustainability, now!

There is no higher or superordinate goal or priority. Sustainability and reharmonization with the planet is the goal and priority, all others are secondary.

There must be scalable, dedicated centralized global commons systems and technology to affect this new paradigm.

Accept and understand that we must now act to foundationally restructure our ways of life, ways of developing and using all technology and our collective economic processes to generate full sustainability.

It is vital that the ecosystem and all other species be represented as equal to human populations in all systems of global governance and solutions developments from now on.

We must create a highly organized global collaborative community effort to transform the world into sustainability now!

We must all learn to do more with less and to live and have less moving forward.

We must learn and accept that there is NO option for limitless growth of any organization, nation or economy within a finite planetary and ecosystem resources space.

Growth must be transcended as a standard of success by all nations, economies, organizations and peoples.

There is no potential for a future nation winner, in any military, combative or economic competitive process that does not bring about global economic collapse.

We can only now collaborate and work together in hope, trust and faith for the common good if we as national entities want to continue in a viable way.

As the various pressures of the climate crisis increase, there is no future for global or national humanity that is viable that is not based on love, trust, faith, collaboration, inclusiveness, fairness, equality, ethics and morals.

Our current systems are not designed to, nor are they ready to solve the climate crisis.  We need a new system, approach and paradigm.


A collaboration and education technology infrastructure is being designed by World Systems Solutions to bring individuals, organizations and nations into a functionally aligned union to give people, organizations and government institutions a way to collaborate quickly and proactively to solve the most pressing environmental issues.

The output from the participants in these workshops will be substantive solutions and abilities to change in all necessary ways for humanity to solve the climate crisis.

A collaboration and education technology infrastructure is being designed by World Systems Solutions to bring individuals, organizations and nations into a functionally aligned union to give people, organizations and government institutions a way to collaborate quickly and proactively to solve the most pressing environmental issues.

The output from the participants in these workshops will be substantive solutions and abilities to change in all necessary ways for humanity to solve the climate crisis.

We welcome corporate and organizational sponsorships for this event.





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