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The WSS is a loving, conscious social network and community, and a social movement. We are building a collaboration and education technology platform for humanity. Working together we will resolve climate change and its root causes, including polarized tribal dynamics and toxic competition.

Our platform, community and social movement will support individuals, organizations and nations forming and collaborating in transdisciplinary, distributed and integrated teams of teams to solve every climate change issue.

We’ll ensure their successful collaboration by providing them with free, novel, consciousness-producing education that will help them resolve ego-based tribal dynamics within themselves, their families, organizations and nations. We’ll also give them access to any and all additional education, technology and resources required to implement their solutions such as logistics and project management systems.

By facilitating a collaborative environment and culture in which judgement, fear and competition are removed from the collaborative process we will foster a level of innovation, collaboration, and creative advancement of sophisticated ideas and solutions not previously possible for humanity.

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The Challenge

Climate scientists believe that humanity may have only 10 years left to transform before the harm we’ve committed to our environment and ecosystems becomes irreversible.  Up until now, even with all of the technologies, resources and caring people we have available, we haven’t yet been able to organize as a global team of diverse, equal and united people, organizations and governments to effectively resolve climate change. 

Documentary film-maker and social activist Rory Kennedy interviews WSS CEO John Jones about climate change and its resolution.

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The practical truth we are now resolutely facing and must accept is that our current world development and management systems are not geared or oriented toward collaboratively working together. The world management systems of today are operationally limited by toxic predatory competition, partisanship, polarization, inequity, bias, nationalism and corrupted by ego-based tribal dynamics and have become too costly to sustain. There is a short-term window of opportunity available to us to choose this more conscious and optimal path together without blaming or judging our prior economic systems, social dynamics, leadership or any nation.

John Jones, CEO

The World Systems Solution

World Systems Solutions will solve climate change and related issues by creating systems and education that will facilitate much needed collaboration across humanity. This includes creating an all-inclusive, worldwide, trans-disciplinary network of caring Souls from all nations and organizations united in heart, mind and hand.  Utilizing an integrated and distributed team of teams model, WSS team members will collaborate to solve climate change while co-creating new systems that humanity can utilize to effectively resolve any and all future challenges. By facilitating a collaborative environment and culture in which judgement, fear and competition are removed from the collaborative process, our conscious social network and community will foster a level of innovation, collaboration, and creative advancement of sophisticated ideas and solutions not previously possible for humanity.

One Earth

One Humanity

One Destiny

WSS is a Global Transformation Operating System

The 3 Pillars

WSS Key Components

World Systems Solutions (The WSS) provides knowledge services through different educational platforms, in the form of classes, conferences, meetings, information sharing conferences, training courses, and any other forms deemed useful for said purpose. We provide systematic instruction, with formal and informal teaching and providing learning opportunities for the public at large for free. The intent of this education is to facilitate understanding of our world problems as well as offer learning  and support around climate change, community organizing, social movements, individual development, and conscious collaboration, among other fields. 

World Systems Solutions has developed a Team of Teams structure that allows participants to receive facilitative education so they can model and practice new, more evolved and effective forms of collaboration.  These new collaboration paradigms will then serve the internal organization in becoming more effective.  It will also serve the development of an evolving collaborative culture and the creation of further education across multiple disciplines.  This will support individuals from any discipline or venue evolving new collaborative processes and capacities that they can then share with the world across all industries and social programs.  This collaborative model supports understanding the roots of climate change and the need to expand a way to come together to create a sustainable life process for humanity.  The WSS collaborative efforts in this area produces original materials, ideas, examples, exercises, and tools among other public goods, through a process involving researching, writing, gathering, organizing, editing and designing information for publication and public sharing. Behind this work there is a combination of fact gathering, conceptualizing, and theorizing, to generate valuable and teachable content utilizing various types of media that are distributed to different audiences.  

The WSS will conduct a series of ongoing workshops bringing together paid transdisciplinary consultants to be educated and facilitated in new collaboration models that would allow unique climate change resolution strategies to emerge.  The workshops would be designed by WSS facilitators and staff, and offered to those with relevant expertise and resources to affect issues related to climate change. These would be conducted both in person at various venues as well as online.  This program offers a new way of bringing together diverse expertise to offer new learning opportunities and solutions capabilities toward the resolution of climate change. 

This will be built by the WSS and consulted on and developed by technology consultants and subject matter experts.  This infrastructure would be offered in an online platform for free to all individuals, social movements, organizations and governments to collaboratively and logistically support their climate change solution creation and implementation efforts in highly organized ways. This comprehensive communications and collaboration infrastructure will exist in the form of a free social network for the public, an information and data analytics engine for solutions creation and a logistics delivery system to allow information, education, tools and resources to support the resolution of climate change at local and global scales. 

This custom system would allow an effective flow of information and education to all stakeholders and participants including the general public in order to support continuous learning and the collaborative development of solutions for climate change issues. The activity is conducted by education experts, IT developers, and facilitators within and outside the organization. It will be an online platform available to all at no cost. This learning system will support the Education program and Social Movement Engine and be a knowledge delivery system offered to organizations and education and research institutions as a model of accelerated transdisciplinary learning to accelerate efforts toward the resolution of climate change issues. It would be a knowledge collection point and reservoir for accurate and accessible information related to climate change


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  1. This social movement platform is ground breaking and a massive positive shift in collective communication that is collaborative, inspiring and connecting from the heart!

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