Addressing our current climate change challenges in a powerful, scalable and sustainable way requires that we bring together the world’s foremost environmental experts and their work, the best available technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the highest possible level of conscious human collaboration. It is with this purpose that WSS is building a truly unique platform that combines the tools, technologies, expertise and strategies that are being developed for climate change resolution, that we call the Social Movement Engine (SME), offering humanity a leap forward in its ability to cope with our current environmental problems.
The SME promotes global scale conscious collaboration, bringing together some of the world’s most valuable work by thought leaders in environmental organizations, science, research institutions, government, business, as well as successful initiatives that are tackling many of problems we face (plastics pollution, safe water, carbon sequestering, food security, etc.).  We intend to serve as an integration point to effectively combine the best efforts of the past and present to build a healthier future. The SME will collect ideas and contributions from people around the world to feed the system from the ground up. Many current initiatives operate in isolation, and connecting these high-potential individual efforts will help materialize synergies to move the needle on climate change before we reach the tipping point, and globally create a “winning team” for humanity.
Additionally, we will use climate change data, knowledge and experiences to feed an artificially intelligent system to analyze, process and generate different projected scenarios to produce global solutions at unprecedented speed. The SME system will be self-evolving and adaptable to changing world situations. In short, we want to harness the full power of conscious, constructive and beneficial AI to protect our world from climate change perils. We believe this is possible and absolutely necessary.
The WSS methodology builds on 3 pillars: providing educational resources, facilitating climate change workshops among key stakeholders, and developing the SME to effectively coordinate high impact environmental solutions. Let’s jointly act NOW as a global community and finally change the course of humanity!