World Systems Solutions

World Systems Solutions

We are working with the fundamental causes of climate change, not just the symptoms.

We are building PHOENIX™, a global collaboration platform for development and delivery of solutions to solve climate change.

The United Nations has declared that a Global Climate Catastrophe is occurring NOW. Although this is challenging to accept, it is vital to effectively act on this understanding.

"One billion children are at extremely high risk of the impacts of the climate crisis" - UNICEF

We bring people, organizations, and government institutions into collaboration at the levels of scale and quality required to resolve the climate crisis.

There is only a short-term window of opportunity available to us to choose a more conscious and optimal path together without blaming or judging our prior economic systems, social dynamics, leadership, or any nation.

John Jones, CEO WSS

Our Plan

World Systems Solutions has a complete, factual, practical strategy and blueprint for collaboratively resolving many interrelated global crises right NOW:

  • Continue to design and build PHOENIX™, an A.I. driven international collaboration platform, social re-engineering and solutions generation engine for healthy global transformation, along with other climate crisis organizations and global NGOs.
  • Implement PHOENIX globally, making it free to all nations and peoples, and communicating its necessity, capacities, potentials, and benefits.
  • Leverage the pressures all nations feel from the climate crisis to impel them into necessary and well-organized action steps, collaboratively working together using PHOENIX to resolve the emergencies facing the planet.
  • Utilize the PHOENIX platform to proactively generate and orchestrate the delivery of global-scale crisis solutions by synergizing consortiums of nations, organizations, universities, research institutes and many crowd sourced initiatives with all of their technologies and resources.
  • Through the PHOENIX platform, monitor and adaptively learn from each project and implemented solution to transform global human life processes into sustainability and harmony within our planetary ecosystem.

The antidote to the climate crisis is Conscious Collaboration

Competition and current modes of cooperation and teamwork between individuals, corporations, and nations have generated the climate catastrophes we're facing today. Conscious Collaboration will regenerate the environment and make life better for us all.

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How to get involved

We invite you to join one of the below climate crisis response teams to begin Consciously Collaborating to help resolve the climate crisis!

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Our Four Core Programs

Through our four core programs, conscious collaboration will "move the needle" on the climate crisis.

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PHOENIX™ World Transformation Platform

Climate Crisis Workshops Icon

Climate Crisis Workshops

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Collaboration Network

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A collective experience platform of Conscious Collaboration

Our collaboration and education technology infrastructure is being designed to bring individuals, organizations, and nations into a functionally aligned union; to give people, organizations, and government institutions a way to collaborate quickly and proactively to solve the most pressing environmental issues.

Climate Crisis Workshops

As a model for functional collaboration

We offer experiential workshops that engage the whole person and transform organizational cultures. These workshops inform, unite, mobilize, and align participants to solve for and build complete and effective solutions to the climate crisis that work for everyone. A key goal of these workshops is to help existing climate change organizations work together as a cohesive fabric in order to affect massive positive change.

Six diverse businesspeople gathered in modern board room, different age ethnicity workers listen african woman coach tell about strategy, reporting using flip chart. Training and negotiations concept
Many people together to create the shape of the world. 3D Rendering

Collaboration Network

Realizing our collective potential

PHOENIX is a functionally effective, welcoming, and secure space for people and organizations to come together to address the climate crisis. This network combines A.I.-supported global-scale collaboration with productivity tools, research, and education to foster creativity, communication, and innovation. This is a working global platform operating as a utility for risk mitigation, accountability, and solutions generation. This network is designed to evolve constantly to generate local and global sustainability and circular economies to serve humanity and the planet.


We practice, model and train Conscious Collaboration

We educate as to the specific human causes of the climate crisis and offer transdisciplinary solutions that empower individuals, and groups into orchestrated, unified action. Through our various education tracks, including weekly open workshops, collaborative sub-teams, YouTube, and our social network (CHLOE), participants have free access to an empowering collaborative environment without ego or competition. Cultural evolution based on collaborative technologies is the world's future.


Diversity • Unity • Inclusive Equality

Earth’s destabilization is magnified when Diversity, Unity, and Inclusive Equality are not at the forefront of the planet’s healing. A future that moves towards peace, sustainability, and understanding happens when we include all people, cultures, and regions of our Earth. True human potential, and empowerment come when we spiral up to work in harmony and prioritize our interconnectedness with all of humanity and nature. This is foundational to our creating timely, effective, and sustainable solutions. No longer a luxury, it is a species surviving priority. Are you willing to consciously collaborate with anyone and everyone to support our next phases of unity and global cooperation? You can read more about this cultural imperative here.

Event Series Healing Hub

Healing Hub


To support the increasing global pressures, WSS offers free Healing Hubs every week. These sessions are hosted by WSS volunteers who offer a variety of…

Event Series WSS Unity Team

WSS Unity Team


Loving unity and empowerment is a conscious choice; it takes hard work, it takes commitment, it takes eternal vigilance to walk in another’s shoes, every day, and the requisite discipline to continue to make this same choice, day after day, rather than to seek the comfort of tribe or of distraction from the pain of others or the pain we've experienced ourselves. All are welcome in this process to learn and collaborate on a new way of being with each other through conscious empowerment and radical caring. 

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