Vision and Mission

Brief Vision & Mission

We intend to unite, mobilize, and align humanity in the common purpose of resolving climate change and in the generation of a sustainable global future.

We are creating the Social Movement Engine – an advanced,  consciously and lovingly architected social, organizational & governmental institution collaboration platform and solutions delivery system – to accomplish this goal via a collaborative infrastructure, collaborative facilitation and transformational education. 

We are apolitical and non-competitive, and we want to help connect, align and strategically orchestrate existing stakeholders, resources, organizations of all kinds, and to foster and incubate social movements, to effectively meet climate change challenges.

We intend to offer education, tools, resources, technology, solutions, consultative facilitation, infrastructure and large-scale transformation coordination capacity.

We offer a new paradigm of focused, integrated and sustained collective collaborative effort and empowerment and an online organized evolving learning climate change resolving community.

Detailed Vision & Mission

The human family is entering a new era of self-empowerment supporting the synthesis of our highest ideals to fulfill our collective potential. World Systems Solutions achieves this by co-creating climate change solutions through global collaborative teamwork for a bright, beautiful and sustainable future. Together we educate and facilitate individuals and organizations to be optimally self-accountable for the influence of their power and choices upon climate change.

It is our committed mission to selflessly and transparently serve humanity by facilitating all human beings who choose to collaborate together in attaining their highest conscious collective potential and resolving climate change. We achieve this in a manner that is fully socially, economically, technologically and ecologically viable, sustainable and respectful of the natural world. We operate as a high-performance transdisciplinary catalytic engine of transformation for all human evolution required to solve climate change.

​We invite humanity to co-create adaptable, integrated, compassionate and collaborative systems of consciously managed change. These new systems will in turn guide the future evolution of our species and our effects on the natural world, which we are necessarily the stewards of.

We proactively facilitate the generation of full spectrum solutions of all kinds to address climate change, on any scale, in all geographical or cultural venues. We non-competitively collaborate and transparently and accountably facilitate individuals, organizations, corporations and world nations to learn, evolve and align with each other in whatever ways are necessary to co-create a harmonious and functional world change operating system.

The WSS operates in supportive concert with everyone to efficiently apply all available resources to produce complete and sustainable resolutions of these defined problems. The WSS organizational system functions as a central networking hub and educational system for any and all organizations and individuals that choose to work for the global common good. We accomplish this mission through a dynamic process of faith, hope, love, unyielding compassion, impeccable integrity and wise unified action.

While we focus on the good of the whole, we fully honor and celebrate the self-sovereignty of all individuals and their inalienable right to choose and to exercise their full conscious power, discernment and free will. We of the WSS are servants of humanity and choose to operate from profound respect for the optimal wellbeing of all future generations and for the world as a whole.

We are World Systems Solutions, stewards of the common good, architecting positive change for the benefit of all.

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