Climate Crisis Workshops


These workshops embody comprehensive understanding, not merely intellectualized mental exercises.






These workshops embody comprehensive understanding, not merely intellectualized mental exercises.



The Climate Emergency Response Forums bring together diverse global experts to design and implement solutions for the urgent challenges to the climate.


This rolling series is a vital lifeline initiative aiming to rapidly transform education in response to the climate crisis and other urgent challenges of our time.


Engage | Innovate | Implement | Sustain

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CERF is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing the escalating challenges of the climate crisis through collaborative innovation and strategic action. As a converging point for thought leaders, scientists, policy-makers and activists, CERF facilitates high-level discussions and workshops focused on creating and deploying practical, scalable, collaborative solutions to mitigate environmental impact and promote global sustainability.

Our mission is centered around harnessing diverse expertise and perspectives to foster a holistic and proactive approach to the climate crisis, through people-centered relationships and the collective development of the PHOENIX Platform, while recognizing that unity, innovation and effective implementation are key to shaping a resilient future for humanity and the natural world.

Hear From CERF Attendees About the Impact and Importance of These Forums

Watch this video and discover the impactful experiences and transformative insights shared by our diverse CERF attendees as they reflect on the forum's role in driving meaningful climate action and fostering collaborative innovation. 

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CERF: Pioneering Global Transformation

At the heart of CERF is the vision of a transformative movement, one that extends beyond individual workshops to a global scale of conscious collaboration. Our mission is to not only serve the global community equitably and alleviate environmental distress but to also replicate this model of workshops worldwide. We aim to inspire and facilitate a profound re-education and reorientation across all levels of society—individuals, cultures, and nations—towards sustainability.

Our workshops are designed as dynamic blueprints for global replication, embodying a revolutionary shift towards cooperative engagement and collective wisdom. By harnessing diverse human capabilities in an environment of efficient and harmonious collaboration, CERF sets the stage for a positive and impactful transformation. This approach is crucial for empowering every community, enabling nations to undergo a transformation that is both beneficial and wholesome. Without this shift towards collaborative action, we risk perpetuating the current, unsustainable paradigms. CERF stands at the forefront of this change, spearheading a new era of global workshop models that promise to bring about a resilient, harmonized, and sustainable future.

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Join CERF at World Systems Solutions

Embrace the opportunity to be a part of this vital movement towards a sustainable future. We welcome everyone who resonates with our vision and mission to join us in this transformative journey. Whether you wish to support us through sponsorship, collaboration, participation, or donations, your involvement is invaluable in driving impactful change. 

  • Sponsor: Enhance the impact of CERF by becoming a sponsor, contributing to the global replication of our workshops and extending the reach of sustainable solutions. 
  • Collaborate: Join hands with us as a collaborator, bringing your unique skills, knowledge, and ideas to the table, and become an integral part of this global transformation. 
  • Attend: Be a part of our workshops and experience firsthand the power of collective wisdom and innovative problem-solving. 
  • Donate: Your donations fuel our mission, supporting the development and expansion of our initiatives towards a greener, more resilient world. 
  • Participate: Engage actively in our forums, discussions, and events. Your participation is a step towards making a difference in the global climate narrative. 

Connect with us through our YouTube channel for regular updates, insights and inspirational content that keeps you informed and involved in our collective mission.


Mapping Environmental Education to Global Sustainability

The WSS EmpowerED workshop program series is for a world facing catastrophic climate events, technological disruptions and the displacement of millions from traditional jobs. In these workshops, we address the urgent needs of students, universities, marginalized communities and ecosystems to help ensure future generations can maintain a sustainable future.

Our aim is to create a forum of heightened ecological literacy where educational experts, youth and organizations meet to establish an interdisciplinary network with the aim to rapidly and completely transform education to empower and serve future generations and the planet.

Since launching the Youth Climate Summit on September 23, 2023, the WSS EmpowerED Program is providing a model for the rapid transformation of environmental education.

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This Rolling Workshop Series Provides a Prototyping Environment For:

  • Empowerment of youth, women and underrepresented groups to collectively build a new and sustainable future 
  • Regulated, responsible and innovative use of AI and technology to enhance learning, empower communities and support sustainable living models and ecological crisis resolution
  • Green jobs creation and learning about venues for applying the necessary skills to solve the climate crisis
  • The alignment of efforts and understandings, creating an evolving system that meets the rapidly changing educational needs of the world's young people
  • An adaptable workshop model that fosters ongoing transdisciplinary, multi-generational collaboration to transform the existing educational systems to drive essential global change toward a sustainable future
  • Environmental education leadership development
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The Urgent Need for Environmental Education in Colleges & Universities and the Challenges are Facing:

  • AI proliferation threatens the collapse of universities
  • Universities lack the means to scale environmental science education globally
  • Currently there is no free education on a global scale, thus perpetuating societal and environmental inequalities
  • A globally synchronized curriculum does not exist, preventing individuals and organizations from learning about a sustainable future
  • No clear path to the empowerment of women, youth and underrepresented groups currently exists
  • Educational institutions can sometimes operate in isolation from their communities and real-world issues. Without active collaboration and local engagement, practices for sustainable living may not be effectively implemented or scaled



Let's Accelerate Ecological Literacy and Reverse the Effects of the Climate Crisis. Join us at the next Youth Summit to help build a sustainable future for all.


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