Unity Statement

Unity Statement

In our present moment of great potential and great challenge, as a species, we are all equally threatened by climate change.  

We feel it is necessary to choose to unite now. Not out of fear of a common enemy, not out of an unconscious reaction to that which we fear, nor out of fear of that which we ourselves have created, i.e. the symptoms of climate change.   

 All individual human beings and all cultural or racial collectives are to some degree uniquely wounded by the process of incarnate life. They subconsciously carry these wounds until they are healed through a conscious process or modality that allows people to no longer function from their histories of personal wounding.

Some are far more wounded than others. This wounding process is present today and ongoing, and this dynamic must be successfully addressed by all. These are unquestionable truths and must be fully and integrously worked through to whatever degree is necessary for globally constructive healing and attainment of global peace to be the result. In our present situation, there is no room for prejudice, bias, inequity, inequality, or serving any dimension of humanity above another.   

Some wounded and under-represented groups are:  

Then come our world’s most under-represented groups: 

  • Our world’s biodiversity of life 
  • Our world’s oceans, land, and air  

In our world, discrimination, prejudice, and bias of all kinds are endemic based upon race, gender, culture, religion, nation, age, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. We all see the world through the lenses of our personal and collective unhealed pain, suffering, and wounding. We do not know how to heal and resolve our differences constructively to cease prejudice in all forms and directions, which is based in unhealed wounding and experienced inequality and mistreatment

Just opening conversations on these topics is fraught with the potential for unintended secondary wounding. Comprehensive ignorance and misunderstanding of others’ vantage points and the basic human tendency to reactively judge and even punish expressions of intended care that do not fully meet our egoic expectations generates a barrier to healing. Therefore, our expectations themselves generate a barrier to healing on all sides.

We feel it is necessary that we proactively choose to unite from conscious loving intention to do so, and out of integrous heartfelt desire to understand and bind and heal each other’s wounds and suffering.

Fear does not truly unite, it only forces temporary alignments, that fall apart when the threat disappears. Uniting via unconscious fear dynamics does not yield true and lasting trust, faith, bonding, and mutual understanding, and thus it does not yield the capacity to truly and continually love and realize each other as equals, and unconditionally. This is true because, in the common enemy scenario, the condition(s) required to merely unite (i.e. not to truly love, care for and trust each other) is a sustained dynamic of unconscious fear.  

Loving unity is a conscious choice, it takes hard work, it takes commitment, it takes eternal vigilance to walk in another’s shoes, every day, and the requisite discipline to continue to make this same choice, day after day, rather than to seek the comfort of tribe or of distraction from the pain of others.

If we cannot find it within ourselves to honestly care for each other we will not be able to remain united, and continually grow in our understandings and love for one another.

Without this bonding love there would be no option of meeting future world challenges in full equality, unity, mutual respect, and through shared and collectively arrived at understandings, values, and goals.

If we are unwilling to truly and integrously and comprehensively unite, as one humanity and species, then we will not be able to hold together as a durable fabric of conscious community when the greater challenges of the future are presented. Only with conscious loving unity can we truly evolve together, with the necessary requisite degrees and qualities of shared motivation, organization, synchronization, and mutual support that will get us all through our future challenges together.

Only in this process will we intentionally choose not to sacrifice any group for the common good. Unity is and must be a conscious choice. This necessary choice will, as all fundamental change in life does, involve pain, sacrifice, and the courage to fundamentally transform and to comprehensively heal that which holds us apart. This same choice must be made by all people if we are to globally succeed and if we are to generate a truly sustainable future for our natural world, and for humanity as a whole that works for everyone.  

This transformation will require a massive, sustained, and well-coordinated process of global forgiveness, comprehensive re-negotiation of our collective and fundamental beliefs, redefining our working realities and values and goals, rewriting each of our histories, letting go of the past, and letting go of all fear and mistrust. It will require that we cease to project onto one another our deepest fears and most frightening imaginings, and to courageously and collectively define a path for all to a future where all are recognized, valued, protected, loved, and treated equally, and with compassion and kindness. In every area we fail to meet these marks we will all, in some way, suffer. In every area we fail to meet these challenges we will all be less. In every area we fail to meet these marks our natural world and the earth will be needlessly harmed and wounded. In all of these areas we will be required to face our own guilt, shame, and regret for having missed the necessary mark and standard.  

This is our collective opportunity to embrace our co-creative potential and to courageously and constructively unite. This is our collective chance to change, grow and evolve together. This is our opportunity to realize that what all of us have experienced, been, and done in the past cannot matter more than what we have the potential to become, now and in the future together, in our collective co-creative power. If we focus on this guiding star we will not falter, we will not fail, we will not submit to fear, victimhood, impairment, woundedness, or use mistrust as our compass or decision-making vantage point. We will evolve, collaborate, learn to trust, bond, love, forgive and work together to build a sustainable future for all of humanity. 


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  1. Awesome! Would love how we can discuss food insecurity and the intersection with biodiversity. Additionally, I love thoughtness on how conversations can be uncomfortable. As board member of PHRE I am sure we can support areas like communication and partner with you to keep both organizations on mission. We will speak further on how we can support you.

  2. I totally agree with this! We have to find our common threads within humanity in order to survive.
    Everyone is unique an we each have many gifts and talents. Future generations has to find ways to make this happen in the real worlds.