World Systems Solutions

Climate Change Workshops

Workshop Types

World Systems Solutions offers the following Collaboration Workshop types


Social Movement Engine

WSS Workshop Series for the Social Movement Engine

A Global Transformation Platform to Solve the Climate Emergency

Social Movement Engine Workshops

Transdisciplinary Experts & Thought Leaders

The Social Movement Engine will be supported by high level collaborative workshops that bring together transdisciplinary experts and thought leaders in a collaborative workshop environment in order to generate global solutions to climate change that can be affected via the social movement engine.

Empower, Blend, Solve

This workshop model is specifically designed to empower these participating groups to blend their skills and capacities effectively in order to generate solutions that can be delivered by the Social Movement Engine. 

Weaving a Functional Collaborative Fabric

Our workshops help weave together climate change organizations and key stakeholders into a functional collaborative fabric.

Full Spectrum Solutions

In this way, pooled resources can be optimally applied across the diverse spectrum of climate change associated challenges.

Organizational Workshops

For Climate Change Organizations

These are designed to support climate change focused organizations like The Nature Conservancy in achieving their goals, missions, and visions.

Enhancing Capacities

These workshops offer collaborating organizations an enhanced capacity to solve their greatest challenges and to focus their creative resources optimally, effectively, and efficiently.

Comprehensive Understanding

Workshops will embody comprehensive understanding not merely intellectualized mental exercises.

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