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Collaboration is The Antidote

Competition, teamwork, and current modes of cooperation between individuals, corporations, and nations have generated the climate catastrophes we are facing today

Our social network is designed to serve the common good

We see Conscious Collaboration as the main requisite attainment for our species if we want to generate a sustainable future for humanity and the natural world.

Humanity is currently not aligned

There are many contributing factors to our lack of aligned response to the climate catastrophes we are facing today.  Due to competitive teamwork and unaligned intentions, our current modes of human interaction and cooperation are hindering the common response required to meet these challenges.

New methods and models

Conscious Collaboration requires new methods, models, and processes that can be trained and operated from collectively. It also requires a complete technological support infrastructure for the ongoing evolution of consciousness and collective learning.

Collective Understanding

This requires trainable methods, models and processes that can be operated from collectively. We have an opportunity to optimize and distribute existing tools for learning in ways that benefit everyone effectively and efficiently.

Scale to all

Scaling to all people will require a complete technological support infrastructure for the ongoing evolution of consciousness and collective learning.

Creative Solutions Process

World Systems Solutions is generating an incubation environment for a new life process for humanity. This necessary and sustained effort will be contributed to by all human beings, organizations, and nations. This synthesis of the diverse wisdom of all peoples will give rise to creative solutions and new options for future generations. Conscious Collaboration supported by technological infrastructure is the path, process and bridge to this transformation. 

Evolving Together

In this internal social network environment, we model, create, and evolve an environment for the new life process of all who choose to participate. 

We invite all participants to contribute as recognized equals, and as fundamentally vital ingredients in this developmental experience. 

This is our Collective Time

The intention of this evolutionary paradigm of conscious collaboration is service to all peoples equally, to reduce collective pain and suffering in our world as we transform our current systems into a sustainable paradigm.

We recognize this will require re-learning on the part of every individual, culture, and nation. Our intention is to catalyze and optimize this evolutionary process so that it can occur in the time available to us and within the resource constraints that the current world is operating within. Drawing upon all the capabilities of humanity effectively and efficiently in a paradigm of harmonious collaboration will empower all individuals and nations to fundamentally transform, and to do so in a way that they can recognize to be beneficial, healthy, and wholesome.  Absent this approach, the existing paradigm of non-collaborative world function is felt to be too dysfunctional, inefficient and ecosystem disharmonious to successfully continue, even into the near future. 

Consciously Collaborate

This sustained global collective effort is seen to be the antidote to the multidimensional challenges that global warming is presenting to us. Only this intentional dynamic of conscious collaboration and collective learning can offer the requisite complete perspective for sustainable solutions generation in the time available and with the resources and technology available to us now. 

Expand into the possibilities...

We invite all who feel aligned with this vision to contribute to this necessary, worthy endeavor.

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