Conscious Collaboration

Conscious Collaboration

The Antidote

We see conscious collaboration as the comprehensive antidote to climate change and main requisite attainment for our species if we want to be able to generate a sustainable future for humanity and the natural world.


Service to all peoples equally

The intention of this evolutionary paradigm of conscious collaboration is service to all peoples equally, to reduce collective pain and suffering in our world as we transform our current systems into a sustainable paradigm.

Drawing upon our full potential

Drawing upon all the capabilities of humanity effectively and efficiently in a paradigm of harmonious collaboration will empower all individuals and nations to fundamentally transform, and to do so in a way that they can recognize to be beneficial, healthy, and wholesome. Absent this approach, the existing paradigm of non-collaborative world function is felt to be too dysfunctional, inefficient and ecosystem disharmonious to successfully continue, even into the near future.

Potential future of Conscious Collaboration

Generating comprehensive, transdisciplinary solutions based on Unity, Diversity, and Inclusive Equality

What Conscious Collaboration is

A process of healing and restoring the natural world and humanity's harmonious relationship to it

Based in unconditional love and equality

Based in comprehensive service to humanity and the natural world

Focused on generating creative transformational solutions to all global challenges, now and in the future

Aligning, synchronizing and inclusively mobilizing of all of the worlds peoples in collective union

A process that draws upon all the co-creative capacities of the human species in an integrative way

Honoring of all of humanity and the natural world equally

Generative of healing of all individual and collective social and emotional wounds

Constantly supportive of transformation and evolution of consciousness in individuals and all collectives

Supportive of the capacity of the human species to arrive at collective strategies and to implement them in any global venue in logistically constructive, efficient and effective ways

Focused on optimistic and possibility thinking and ways of generating life process for humanity that works

Current results of non-collaboration

Sustaining ego-based competition, tribal dynamics, separatism, inequality

What Conscious Collaboration isn't


For Profit

Blind feeding on the planet and on the human species

A mechanism of achievement via destruction, subjugation, disunity

A process of the haves and have nots

A process of diminishment of any race, creed, color, gender, nation, religion, or people

A dynamic of acquisition or accumulation in any for-profit or special interest focused way

A process of individual ambition or attainment

A process of controlling, having, getting, taking, acquiring, feeding on any dimension of the world

A process of human predation on each other or the natural world

  • Tribal dynamics
  • Ego dynamics
  • Nationalism
  • Populism
  • Separatism
  • Judgment
  • Fear
  • Special interests
  • Any particular culture's interests
  • Religions' interests 

Catalytic learning and evolution

We recognize this will require re-learning on the part of every individual, culture, and nation. Our intention is to catalyze and optimize this evolutionary process so that it can occur in the time available to us and within the resource constraints that the current world is operating within.


The Antidote

This sustained global collective effort is seen to be the antidote to the multidimensional challenges that global warming is presenting to us.

The Solution

Only this intentional dynamic of Conscious Collaboration and collective learning can offer the requisite complete perspective for sustainable solutions generation in the time available and with the resources and technology available to us now.


We invite you

We invite all who feel aligned with this vision to contribute to this necessary, worthy endeavor.

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