Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors. In addition we have a 40+ person growing WSS Facilitator Team and even larger WSS Support Team that are helping to bring the WSS Vision and Mission to life. On-going gratitude to all WSS team members, contributors, participants and donors now and in the future who are making all of this possible.

If you or anyone you know has significant resources or network connections that you feel are crucial to the evolution and success of the WSS, we encourage you to engage directly with our WSS Team of Teams.

We would be grateful to connect with you, answer all your questions and to collaborate in the spirit of love, inspiration and service to humanity. To contact us directly please fill out our collaboration form and  or email the WSS Orientation Team at [email protected]

Ragan Thomson

Chairperson of the Board

Gary Faber

Treasurer of the Board

Patricio Campiani


Shamra Tankersly

Secretary of the Board

Simón Cruz


Duane Carpenter


John Jones


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